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Project Description
Building a website designed to provide information about live theater throughout a state. Basically, it a port of from classic ASP to Asp.Net making it customizable to any state along the way.

History was created by me almost 10 years ago, using Classic ASP (VBScript/ADO). Having learned much since then, I've decided to re-write it from scratch using C# and (to learn even more) MonoRail. The developement site will be hosted at until it's ready to "go live" (Note that while njtheater.COM is located at a professional web hosting company, njtheater.ORG is hosted on a computer in my bedroom, so the latter may have some stablity problems)


My primary goal with the rewrite, is to add a collection of management pages, so that representatives of the theater companies can update their information themselves.

My secondard goal is to generize the code, so that it can be used to build a similar website for any other state. Similarly, I intend the final site to be fully "skinnable" by just changing the CSS file. It this end, I'll be having the actually HTML generated produce no tables or frames, just <DIV>s with CSS classes assigned.

Where you can help.

I'm looking for assistance in three areas in particular.
  • C#/SQL coding - Actually, I could all of it myself. But it's allways good to have another set of eyes looking at the code, and someone to debate design strategies. But, if you know nothing about coding, don't worry there are still place to help. Read on....
  • HTML/CSS design - Again, I could do all of this myself, butI'm now much of an artist, so the results would be kinda bland. shows what true artists can do with a single vanilla HTML file by changing the CSS file, and if we could get someone like that on this project, we'd be rockin'

And here's the one for everyone....
  • General ideas & suggestions -- The MonoRail design makes adding new features easy, so I'd like to know what else people would like to see in the site. Any ideas from actors, directory, audience members would be greatly appreciated.

I particularly want to know about special requirements for other states' comminutity theaters (local associations or awards and the like)

Also, testing to make sure the site actually does what it's expected to do.

Note: The source code is available and will be updated as work progresses, but, as I expect it to be used just for review, the database is not provided. Similarly, I have not prepared an "official" relelase, nor do I expect to. However, the working code will be running on

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